"PARSIAN Rail Power Supply Development Company" (PRP) is resolute to not get old. We have discovered the elixir of youth: Injection of innovative, creative and hard working people who care about day to day improvement.


Qualities & Skills we seek in employees:

  1. Flexibility in when to do: working in the weekend and till midnight is some times necessary for successful delivery of the projects.
  2. Flexibility in what to do: new fields of activity & smoothing of work flow in projects dictate us to seek for multi task peoples with this type of flexibility.
  3. Honesty: honesty
  4. Self- motivation: We seek for people who follow & not to be followed .who set new ideas. We seek for people who believe that even small tasks are worthy to be done perfect.
  5. Team working: For "Parsian Rail Power Supply Development Co." (PRP) "Team working" is not just a vague term used as a motto.

It's a vital necessity which influences quality of the project and employee's future in PRP depends upon the degree this quality. Our experience has shown that mediocre people in successful teams are more prosperous than NO.1 peoples in weak teams. By the term "Team Working" we mean:

  • Readiness to help other members of the team even in cases we are not responsible directly for their actions.
  • Openness to admit our faults and flaws
  • Sharing our knowledge and experiences with other members
  • Good communication with other members
  1. Self- developing: we know that without self-developing peoples we will find ourselves in the downhill. Self- developing employs help themselves and the company to achieve planned goals and even unforeseen fortunes.
  2. Organizing: without ability to organizing his/her time or tasks even a genius employee will fail to succeed.
  3. Problem solving: we seek people who can define problems and solve them.
  4. Results focused
  5. Responsibility & accountability: It is one at the most important quality we seek in our employees. This quality will make all other qualities meaningful.